There are a number of services that you can book online in the comfort of your own home using the computer or smartphone. Not all services are available for self booking - please contact your relevant store if you would like to book outside services hours or services not available online. Simply click the links below:


As Studex Australia ear piercing specialists, our fully trained technicians are qualified to pierce your lobes, using the finest grade medical stainless steel studs, which are all packaged and sterilised to ensure the highest quality care for all of our customers.

Our technicians are also trained in after-care advice to help you manage your new piercing, and keep it as healthy and clean as possible during the healing process.

At Acton Health Pharmacy you have access to a range of medication management and health management services at no or low cost.

We offer blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol monitoring in store on any given day. If you simply just want to check up on your numbers or complete weekly checks, our team are here to assist you and provide you with information on how to achieve your health outcomes. 

Medschecks, Diabetes Medschecks and Home Medicine Reviews are offered by our pharmacies. Customers taking large numbers of medications are able to see one of our pharmacists to conduct a personalised review of your medicines. We work with you and your Doctor to ensure your medicine regimen is appropriate for your conditions, and are able to give you extra information for your understanding.

If you are unable to make it to the store and live locally, we offer a delivery service to your door. Simply call over the phone to organise your order for delivery. In addition to this, customers living in the Condamine, Drillham, Dulacca, and Jackson areas have a distance supply option as well. Please call the Miles store for more details.

Disposing of medications in the regular garbage or down the toilet is not only bad for the environment but can also present danger to other people. Acton Health Pharmacy offers a disposal service to ensure all of your unused medicines are disposed of correctly and safely.

Acton Health Pharmacy offers many services in store to assist with managing your medications at home. We work with your Doctor to organise personalised weekly medication dosing packs. These packs are designed to take the stress out of your daily medication dosing regimen and ensure your safety. If you have a large number of prescriptions or simply find that you have trouble remembering how many tablets to take and when, come in store and see the staff at AHP for help.

Do you find you always have trouble finding your prescriptions at home each time you need to visit the pharmacy? Here at AHP we offer a prescription storage service. This will eliminate those unnecessary rushed doctor appointments to replace a lost prescription. You can call ahead so that your prescription is ready for you to collect when you get to the store, cutting down the regular waiting times.

We aim to provide prompt delivery of our product to residents on campsites in the Western Downs Region. We understand that many residents do not have easy access to town and healthcare products. Our personalised ordering system allows for products to be ordered and paid for online with regular deliveries to the campsite. If your campsite is interested in these services, please contact the store for further information.

At Acton Health Pharmacy we have a selection of two different DNA tests available:

1. MyDNA medication test - A test that helps identify which medications are likely to be most suited to an individual. The test results are presented in a report for the healthcare professional to consider when deciding on the choice of medication for their patient.

2. MyDNA Diet Report - the new frontier of genetic testing can tell you how to eat the right way for your DNA. Each person’s DNA is different, so a diet that works for one person may not work for you. A trial-and-error approach to dieting can waste so much time. You might have to try several diets before you find one that works. And it can be extremely frustrating if you follow a strict diet, lose weight and then put it straight back on as soon as the diet’s over. A myDNA Diet Report can help you to find the right diet for you, for the long term.

Acton Health Pharmacy provides a large range of products used in managing diabetes, up to date professional advice on self-management and in-store blood sugar testing. Both stores offer ordering access points for the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS). Products that the NDSS provide at discounted prices include needles, blood glucose strips, urine testing strips, and insulin pump consumables.

Even though diabetes can be very daunting at first diagnosis, our team can assist you with moving forward in life by teaching you about the condition and how to effectively monitor your blood sugar control. If you have a Medicare card and have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes by a Doctor you are most likely entitled to access the NDSS.

Our Miles store offers a range of photographic services including swift passport photo processing and developing. Additionally, we have a Kodak photo developing machine that can quickly print photos from a memory card, USB, or wireless device such as smartphones.

We also offer a service for photos that need repairing or traditional camera film development. Contact the store for further details.

Acton Health Pharmacy offer cost effective, safe and convenient CPAP services in both stores. We provide a very easy to use sleep apnoea diagnostic testing program which you complete in the comfort of your own home. Our team work alongside Sleep Specialist Practitioners to ensure you receive the best possible patient care, support and ongoing management of your sleep apnoea.

It is important to understand that losing weight is not simply just changing your eating habits, there is so much more involved in the journey to your weight loss goals. At Acton Health Pharmacy, our team can not only help you kick start that healthy lifestyle you’ have been waiting for, but we can also support you to maintain your weight goals once you reach them.

Whether you have 30kg to lose or you are focusing on your muscle composition for the next big charity fun run, we have the nutritional products and support that you are after. The two brands that we stock, Vita Diet and BodyScience, are local Australian owned companies that are safe to use and highly regulated for effectiveness.

Monitoring your progress is essential to make sure you are on track. Our staff can assist you with your short term goals through regular weekly weigh-ins and measurements. We can also aid you in tracking your long term goals by checking in every 3 to 6 months to set your next milestone or give you extra tips to continue your program.

Here at Acton Health Pharmacy we have specialist vaccination pharmacists who can assess eligibility and administer you vaccinations without requiring a visit to your Doctor. The two vaccinations available for administration in store are:

1. Influenza Shot

2. Whooping Cough

Appointments are necessary